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EDS113_Module 3 – Alignment

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After studying module 3, I learn about the different purposes of assessment. As learner, I can only relate to having undergone assessment OF learning. I did not know about assessment FOR learning and assessment AS learning. As a learner now, I like to take advantage of assessment AS learning to maximize my learning experience. And Later on, given the chance to teach again, I will commit to using assessment FOR learning to help my student achieve their learning potentials and to improve my teaching too.  So, there are three purposes of assessment in education. These are (1) assessment FOR learning; (2) assessment AS learning; and (3) assessment OF learning.

The importance of Alignment was also emphasized in this module. It says that assessment must be aligned with learning objective, and that the result of measurement is use to select appropriate instructional strategies.  Hence, a well-aligned assessment matches the learning objective with the instructional strategy; whereas a poorly aligned assessment undermines both learning and teaching.

I remember one of my subjects in college. We have this instructor who handed out course syllabus on the first day of class. His only condition was that we take all exams on schedule. No need for a lecture, no need for an attendance. We were left to learn on our own. The only assessment result that I got from his class was my passing grade. I do not know if his style of ‘teaching’ has challenged us students to work diligently on our own, but had he at least gave us feedback after every examination, I think it would have been better. So in this case, there was no formative assessment done, only summative and that was having a passing grade. I think as a student, I was deprived of a good learning environment.

I also recall my teaching experience with preschool. I followed our lesson plan and try to communicate the learning objectives to my pupils. I was not aware of this assessment of learning but I think I did it while I was observing and giving feedbacks to my student every time we do seat works.  However, it was just so overwhelming for me to do individual monitoring that I usually run out of time. Sometimes, instead of giving a descriptive feedback, I just resorted to letting them accomplish their seat works or activities for the sake of compliance and not for their learning progress. Looking back, I realized that I lacked the necessary skills to plan and integrate assessment into my instruction. It would have been more effective had I plan in advance and had I purposely and intentionally align my assessment to the learning goals and the necessary instructional strategy. Having shared my experiences, I recommend that educators should regularly undergo training and workshop to hone their assessment skills.


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  1. What a wonderful chance to read your reflection. Thank you for sharing your teaching experience in preschool teaching. There are times that characteristics of a preschooler overpowers the presence of a teacher. This is so true because I have a very active and demanding son who is in nursery level. Learning the purpose of assessment and its alignment towards learning will equip me to be a better educator in the future and a better mother who will discover my son’s need for developmental skills.

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