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EDS113_Module 4 – Type of Assessments

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Had I known the different types of assessment and their purposes, I should have maximized my learning and enjoyed it to the fullest. I wish I had asked more questions and clarifications from my instructors/professors about things that were not clear, or just admit honestly that I did not understood the lesson. In that way, maybe, just maybe, the teacher  could have exerted more effort and patience in making clear of the lessons. I wish I had been more reflective of my learning, making sense of the things that I was studying instead of just studying for the sake of having high grades. I wish I had been taught how to use assessment AS learning, especially Informal and Formative, that way it would have been easier to integrate all the learning and actually apply it to real world situation. But now that I am learning about assessment, I think it is not yet too late to benefit from it. Lifelong learning is a must now. We never stop learning so let us strive to be more mindful of using assessment to improve our learning and yes, given the opportunity to teach, let us commit to using assessment as tool for our students to help them achieve their learning goals.

Given the opportunity to teach, I will do my best to help and guide the students to use assessment to improve their learning, and of course for me to use assessment to better equip me with my teaching strategies. To achieve an effective learning environment, I will make sure that students feel safe and assured that they are given the freedom to explore things and be guided with their learning journey. The students will have the liberty to ask questions and not be intimidated or belittled but are encourage seeking knowledge and understanding. Moreover, I will try to promote the use of peer assessment with my co-teachers to conduct assessment of each other’s performance. Teachers will have to assess their co-teachers in order to give constructive feedback to improve their teaching practises. That way, both will learn from each other, imitating practises that are effective while trying to improve practises that are deem ineffective. Having said all these, I do think that professional development for teachers should be institutionalized.

It is through professional development that teachers are given the chance to continue learning and improving their teaching. It is thru professional development that teachers will learn more about using assessment for learning and teaching. I do believe that the effective use of assessment for both learning and teaching depends largely on the teacher. For example, student may not be aware about what an assessment is or what it is for. But the teachers need to know about it in order to take full advantage of its benefits. Thru time, when teachers become more purposeful and intentional on using assessment, students will also adapt the practise easily. Therefore, teachers need to undergo continuous learning, making use of the different types of assessment, to improve their teaching and to help their students make use of assessment to monitor their (students) own learning.


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