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Ten stopovers on the way

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This serves as my Final Post for EDS 113. 🙂

If learning is a journey, where would I be? The 10-weeks journey to learning assessment has been an adventurous one. With extra ‘baggage’ (the life of a stay-at-home mom with a toddler, a pre-schooler, and a 3rd grade kid) to carry with me, I think I managed to climb up the hills and to the mountain’s peak. Now, I have a better perspective and can appreciate the view below. I used to dread assessment because it means having to prepare for an examination that requires memorization, and that I need to get high grades to be in the Honor Roll. This myopic view of assessment has been changed.

Let me share with you my 10 stopovers along the way.

  1. Assessment. I will always bring with me my knowledge and skills on assessment because it is an integral part of learning-teaching.
  2. Evidence of Learning. I will continually look for sound evidence of learning. That way, I know I am at the right path.
  3. Assessment Cycle. This one goes round and round. The Plan-Do-Check-Act is a handy reference.
  4. Alignment. When the going gets rough and the road becomes bouncy, look again on the objectives and do the necessary re-alignment of activities and assessment.
  5. Bloom’s Taxonomy. This is a good tester to carry on a journey. I should not be content with low-level thinking skills, instead strive for higher-level.
  6. Effective Feedback. This is a mirror; it reflects my learning progress so I will clearly see what needs to be done.
  7. Peer & Self-Assessment. This is not just about me, it is also about whom I journey with. I need to assess whether I am an asset or a liability to the group. I should know what to do.
  8. Traditional & Non-traditional. Along the way, we will realize that we have different preference. Just choose what is appropriate for the task at hand. Traditional or Non-traditional, both are important.
  9. Table of Specifications. This is checklist for what to bring along in our trip. We make sure to cover everything we need to successfully pass the test.
  10. Rubrics. Never lose sight of your guide map. It tells you how to arrive at your next destination.

So where am I in my journey? I think I just scaled Mt. Pulag! One more trimester and I will reach Mt. Apo. For who knows, the next expedition would be Mt. Everest.

To my fellow climbers, thank you for the company, I learned so much from your posts on discussion forums, from reading your thoughts and reflections on your journal, and for the collaborative learning in making our assignment. Truly, two heads are better than one.

To our Guide, Teacher Malou, you have always been an encouragement right from the start. I may not be sending you messages but please know that I read all your post, announcement, and yes your tips/clues and I appreciate all your efforts. Your Essential Stuffs (Course Guide and Power Tools) were really helpful. Now I got to pay more attention to rubrics and I will try to maintain my eJournal.

And of course, special thanks to my family for keeping up with my ‘craziness’ every due date.

So long farewell, till our next climb. Bon Voyage!







  1. aimeecamino says:

    Hi Fellow climber! Congratulations to your post, you are so admirable. Keep it up!


  2. loujuachon says:

    May the youth be blessed by the inspiration and determination that exude from your posts. Maligayang paglalakbay.


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