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EDS111_3t2016_eJournal Final Entry

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Stop off! Onward to another flight…

So, just like any other courses, this EDS111 course has to end! It is not yet the final destination but I need to stop and assess where I am now into this lifelong journey to learning and teaching. This is now the time to ask myself “What have I learned and why do I have to learn?” To answer it simply, “I want to enter the teaching profession that is why!” You see, I was so excited in studying EDS111 Principles of Teaching together with EDS103 Theories of Learning. It seems to me the perfect combination for a trimester. However, for some personal reasons, I was not able to do my tasks/activities on time, plus I was intimidated by writing journals for each module for both courses. But then again, learning is a journey and I know I can still traverse, slowly but surely. It is not about finishing it fast but more of what I have become every step of the way that matters to me.

Looking back, I think I have learned so much that my view of teaching was transformed (and it will still change along the way). It used to be that teaching is having the content knowledge and using appropriate pedagogy to transfer such knowledge, skills, and/or values to learners. But as it turned out, teaching practice is much more than that. Apparently, teachers have to learn establishing their teaching knowledge bases. That teaching entails a repertoire of teaching styles to effectively facilitate learning for students to optimize their potentials. And the most important take-away for me is the practice of critical reflection. Because of this, I am more conscious and aware about my learning, trying to understand and view things from different perspectives and to hunt for assumptions that can reveal what I truly feel and think about my experiences. As a result, I will always strive to make informed decision (plan action and do it!) in whatever tasks I will be doing or problems I will be dealing with.

Now that I am about to finish my PTC, I am more confident to embark to another goal. My short-term objective is to review for LET and then find employment as professional teacher in one of the local schools. I know that it will not be easy, many challenges will come along the way but I think nothing can prepare us better than having to test theories into practice. With that, I will make sure to engage myself with professional development and professional learning communities to continuously inquire of solutions to problems. That will be my long-term goal.

So long, farewell! To all my classmates, my group mates, and to our Teacher Roja who made an excellent job of facilitating our learning, THANK YOU for this wonderful learning experience. I will always take with me the learning that I gained from this course. Mabuhay!


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